Rich mush with kushti-dicking purple togs

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There was a rich mush with kushti-dicking purple togs. Every divvus his hobben was kushti. By his jigger suttied a poor mush called Lazarus. Lazarus dicked wafedi, riffly as a juk. He was ready to scran anything he could get his vasters on or kur it from the rich mush's table.

And another one (Luke 15.3-6) quoted in (10.17):

Jesus pukkered them this parable: "Suppose tutti's got a hundred bokros and yek of them's nasherdi. Is there a mush among the lot of you as would not muk the waver ninety-nine in the bokro-puv and jel after the nasherdi bokro till he latchers it? Karna he's latchered it he riggers it on his dummer, well-pleased he is. Karna he jels home he pukkers his friends and all the foki around: "Be happy with mandi, because I've found my nasherdi bokro.

Pukkered - told; Tutti - you; Bokro - sheep; Nasherdi - Lost (run away?); Bokro-puv - Wilderness; Jel - go; Latcher - Find; Riggers - Lays; Dummer - Shoulder; Karna - When; Foki - neighbours; Mandi - me


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